Recently, TCC Group of Companies, have found that the names of companies within our group, our management and our shareholders had been fraudulently used for attracting the public regarding untrue investment through various media, e.g. e-mail. We, therefore, would like to warn you, in entering into any transaction, to be cautious of anyfraudulent act or deception by using the name of companies within our group, our management and/or our shareholders.

       Please be informed that we do not have any policy and have never made any invitation, proposal or negotiation regarding investment thereof through e-mail communication or other media.

       Consequently, if you receive any news or invitation regarding such investment, please be cautious and consider the news or invitation carefully.

       We reserve the right to commence any legal measure as we deem appropriate so as to protect ourreputation, dignity and rights from any fraudulent act, deception and tort in all cases.